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Champagne Promises -- Doris Lemcke
Champagne Promises

White Mountain Spirit -- Doris Lemcke
White Mountain Spirit

Rebel Treasure -- Doris Lemcke
Rebel Treasure

Legacy of Lies -- Doris Lemcke
Legacy of Lies

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The Story of a Lifetime -- Doris Lemcke

The Story of a Lifetime

During Georgia’s “Freedom Summer” of 1964, Boston journalist Laura Stainsby goes undercover as a nanny in Southeast Georgia to investigate a grudge-match US Congressional election between widowed plantation owner Patrick O’Grady II and wealthy Cadillac dealer, “Big Billy” Berens III.

The line between truth and justice becomes a tightrope when a century-old family secret threatens Georgia’s most prominent family, forcing Laura to choose between the story of a lifetime—and justice. Patrick O’Grady II has avoided his family’s political legacy to manage historic Langesford Plantation and raise his six-year-old daughter Danielle.

When his father’s sudden death forces Patrick to run for his office, the campaign turns ugly and everything he holds dear is threatened. Can he trust the reporter who lied her way into his life to help him save an innocent man from a lynch mob, solve a murder, and preserve his family’s two hundred-year-old legacy?

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Champagne Promises -- Doris Lemcke Books

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Champagne Promises -- Buy Now.

1898  Havana, Cuba – As America steps onto the world stage by declaring war againstSpain, concert pianist and aspiring journalist, Lily O’Grady-Champagne, is determined to report the truth about the thousands of Cubans still suffering in the island’s concentration camps. When her theatrical-promoter husband disappears, she must rely on her own wits, courageand talent, to survive a riot, an abduction—and a US government agent who thinks she’s an accomplice to treason. 

Still haunted by the death of his Sioux wife, former Army surgeon Dr. Colin Winfield is on a mission from Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, to find Victor Champagne, a bigamist, swindlerand gun smuggler. But it’s not that simple. Is Champagne’s latest ‘wife’ his victim or his partner? One thing is certain, the beautiful crusading reporter doesn’t know when to walk away from a story—or a war.

As the countdown to war begins, their lives will change forever.

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Rebel Treasure

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Rebel Treasure - Book One of the "Langesford Legacy" Series - Satin Romance, Melange Books, LLC

Haunted by the sins of their fathers...Searching for the treasure of a lifetime.

Camilla Langesford has no intention of letting her ailing father’s new Yankee partner steal their plantation. But Patrick O’Grady isn’t like other carpetbaggers.  His powerful body, brooding Irish Temper, and pewter-gray eyes speak of a shadowed past. And his soul-searing kiss melts her frozen heart—until a deadly secret shatters it. 

Langesford Plantation is the former Pinkerton agent’s last chance to solve a mystery that’s haunted him for four years. But he didn’t plan on a green-eyed, chestnut-haired virgin with a fiery temper, dogging his every step. Or that after one careless kiss, he’d discover a treasure worth more than a cache of gold bars—until one night changes everything.

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White Mountain Spirit -- Doris Lemcke

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White Mountain Spirit - Book Two of the "Langesford Legacy" Series

Untamed spirits from different worlds fighting a passion forbidden by race, culture, and social status.

Half-Apache orphan, Elena Santiago has vowed to avenge the murder of her missionary guardian the Apache way. But first, she must masquerade as a white woman to deliver a message to Georgia. Just one look at Sean O’Grady, who reminds her more of an Apache warrior than a soft, white ‘gentleman’, tells her he’s far more dangerous than the warning she carries.

Sean O’Grady has abandoned his dream of exploring the Wild West to save his childhood friend from marrying a scheming politician. When Elena arrives looking more like a Spanish lady than an Indian mission girl, he wonders if she’s really who she says she is. Virgin or vixen? The question taunts him as he struggles with feelings he’s never had before. Feelings that could get them both killed.

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Legacy of Lies Series

Welcome to The Peninsula Mysteries

Michigan, (the ‘Mitten on the Map’), and its talon-shaped “Upper Peninsula”, ancestral home of the Chippewa (Ojibwe) and Ottawa tribes,have little in commonexcept the single bridge connecting them across the Straits of Mackinac. For nearly two hundred years, the partners in tisunlikely and politically arranged marriage of convenience between two separatecultures, landscapes, and economies, as well as time zones, havekeptthe other’s secrets—and sins. From the Lake Superior copper mines to the Detroit automotive machine, the stories in The Peninsula Mysterieswill explore the well-kept secrets onboth sides of the “Big Mac” Bridge.

Legacy of Lies -- Doris Lemcke

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Legacy of Lies -- Buy Now.
Book 1


“History is just a story, changing with the times, the teller, and the purpose.”
Four-term Governor of Michigan -Andrew N. Edwards Sr.

Debutante-turned-journalist Iris K. Edwards thinks writing her legendary grandfather’s tell-all biography will heal the wounds of his betrayal. But she gets more truth than she expected when a century-old web of Machiavellian lies and intrigues reveals secrets that will rewrite history.

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The Blockbuster – Coming in 2021
Book 2

When Tina Westfield, a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, transforms a rough manuscript from a life-sentence convict in Marquette’s maximum-security prison into a blockbuster bestselling murder mystery, she has no idea the convict be released, recognize it as his story—or that it’s not fiction and there’s a real murderer on the loose who won’t appreciate the publicity.